Savoury Salt Herb Blends

Savoury Salt Blends – Made with our own organically grown herbs

, dried and ground finely with Himalayan Salt (pink salt).

Available Blends:

  • 8 Herb Blend (great as a table salt)
  • Garlic and Herb Blend (great as a table salt)
  • Italian Herb Blend
  • Lemony Herb Blend (great on fish and chicken).

Packages are $12 or in a spice jar for $15


Our blends are all made up of approximately 25% Himilayan Salt with the blend of herbs. Every use of the savoury salts provide us the benefits of the herbs, as well as the flavours.

Himalayan Salt is a pure unprocessed salt, meaning it comes with all it’s trace elements and minerals. Some refer to it as the “pink salt”, it’s actually the iron in the salt that gives it the pink colour.