"Working with nature to bring you wholesome, organically grown produce."

From our gardens to your table

About Us

Natural Themes offers fruits and vegetables as they come into season between March and end of December. Our produce is organically grown in our gardens and cold frame greenhouses where we strive to support natural balance as much as possible.

We also run a Native Plant Nursery, for more info visit www.naturalthemes.com

NOW Available:

From the farm Wednesdays to Sundays, 1 to 4

Email bea@naturalthemes.com or call 613-398-7971

**Please advise if you are bringing your own containers for cut greens


Half flats of Salad Greens for regular cropping (a mix including lettuce, kale, endive, chicory, spinach, chard, mustard, and dill plants) ideal for outside planters or the garden @ $10 ea ($8.85 + HST). These can be harvested, divided and planted directly into the garden.

2 pack of Chives, Parsley, or Dill for planting into planters or into the garden @ $3 ea ($2.65 + HST)

4 pack of vegetable and herb plants @ $3 ea ($2.65 + HST) : beets, bok choi, broccoli, brussels sprouts, celeriac, celery, cabbage(early, red, savoy), raddichio, collards, kale (curly, red), kohlrabi (purple, white), lettuce(boston, head, leaf, romaine), onions(bunching, kelsae, leeks, red spanish, yellow, white), parsley, cilantro, Italian parsley, swiss chard, Basils ( sweet, genovese, thai, lemon, dark opal, purple ruffles), Sweet Peppers (yellow, orange, early red, shepherd, purple beauty, pimento), Hot Peppers (cherry hot, jalapeno, habanero, hot portugal, ring of fire), Eggplant (Thai, finger, classic, black beauty, sicilian), Tomatoes (roma, early girl, san marzano, glamour), Beans (green pole, yellow), Okra,

2 -packs @ $3 ea ($2.65 + HST): Tomatoes (beefmaster, big beef, big boy, black krim, chef’s choice orange, green zebra, juliet, sweet gold, sweet 100, yellow pear), Cucumbers (pickling, slicers, english), Melons (cantaloupe, watermelon), Calaloo

Single pots of Tomatoes @ $3 ea ($2.65 + HST): beefsteak, better boy, early girl, old german, sicilian saucer, sweet million, ultra girl

Single pots of Herbs @ $3 ea ($2.65 + HST): lavender, marjoram, oregano, rosemary, sage, summer savoury, thyme, mint)


PRODUCE ( by order only – Wednesdays and Sundays preferably)

Swiss Chard @ $2/bunch

Beet leaves @ $4 (~3 l)

Mixed kale @ $4 (~4 l)

Asparagus @ $4/bunch (1lb)

Parsley @ $2/bunch

Contact Us

We are located at 219 Maybee Road in Frankford. Produce is harvested on request and can be ordered and picked up at the farm between March and December. In the spring, we also offer vegetable and herb plants for your gardens.

If you have questions or orders please contact Bea at  613-398-7971  or at bea@naturalthemes.com

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