"Working with Nature to bring you wholesome, chemical-free produce"

Chemical Free Field Grown . . . From Our Gardens to Your Table


Natural Themes offers fruits and vegetables as they come into season between March and end of December as well as native trees, shrubs, wildflowers, grasses, and ferns from April through October. For Natural Themes Native Plant Nursery please visit www.naturalthemes.com

All of the produce comes from our chemical-free gardens and unheated greenhouses where we strive to support natural balance as much as possible.


NOW Available

Produce is available at the Quinte West Farmers’ Market every Saturday  and Wednesday between 8 and 1.   To place orders, please e-mail bea@naturalthemes.com or phone  613-398-7971.  Orders can be picked up at the market between 8 and 10 or at the farm the rest of the week.

Fresh Greens and other Produce:

Mixed Salad Greens @ $3 / bag

Mixed Kale @ $3/ bag

Arugula @ $ 1/bag

Chicory @ $1/bunch

Collards @ $1/bunch

Swiss Chard @ $1/bunch

Fresh Garlic @ $1 ea., 3 for $2, $5/pt, $20/braid

Potatoes (mixed varieties)@ $3/qt, $5/basket

Summer Squash (assorted varieties) @ $.50 ea.

Beans (yellow, green, burgundy, mix) @ $3/qt

Okra @ 3 for $1, $3/box

Bitter melons @ $.50 ea

Sweet Peppers @ $.50 ea

Leeks @ $2/bunch

Ground Cherries @ $3/pt

Beets @ $3/bunch

Green Onions @ $1/bunch

Tomatillos @ $3/qt

Radishes (Red, French Breakfast, Mix) @ $1/bunch

Hot Peppers (assorted) @ .25 ea, 5 for $1, $3/box

 Coming Soon: winter squash, winter radishes (Daikon & Bk Spanish), Turnips, Oriental Greens


Rosemary @ $1/bunch

Marjoram @ $1/bunch

Sage @ $1/bunch

Thyme @ $1/bunch

Oregano @ $1/bunch

Summer Savoury @ $1/bunch

Lovage @ $1/bunch

Parsley @ $1/bunch

Italian Parsley @ $1/bunch

Cilantro @ $1 / bunch

Chives @ $1/bunch

Basils (sweet, thai, lime, dark opal, purple ruffles, spicy globe, lemon) @ $1/bunch

Savoury Salts – Dried Herb Salts made from Himalyan Salt and our dried herbs @ $8 per packet – Available Blends: Chive & Herb, Italian, 8 Herb, 8 Herb Spicy, Garlic & Herb, Lemony Herb

Plants for Naturalizing Yards:(check www.naturalthemes.com for list of plants)

Trees & Shrubs in 2 gallon pots @ $10 ea(HST included)

Wildflowers, Grasses and Ferns in 3 or 4″ pots @ $3 ea (HST included)

Location & Contact Us

Natural Themes brings produce and a selection of native trees, shrubs, ferns, wildflowers, grasses and vines to the Quinte West Farmers’ Market from May until the end of October.  For more information on the market, visit: http://quintewest.ca/en/visitors/farmersmarket.asp.  We look forward to seeing you at the market in May.

Our Farm is located at 219 Maybee Road in Stockdale. Produce is harvested on request and can be picked up at the farm between March and December  If you have questions or orders please contact Bea at  613-398-7971  or at bea@naturalthemes.com

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Greens Year Rounds

Mixed Greens are grown year round.  In the winter mixed greens are grown in two unheated greenhouses on the farm. Lemon Cucumbers Eggplant Roma Tomatoes Turnips Tomatillos Roma Tomatoes and Heriloom Tomatoes (green tomatoes) Mixed Greens Available in the winter Zuchinni Fiddleheads How to cook fiddleheads Snap Peas Peas Lemon Cucumbers Rainbow Carrots (Heirloom Variety)...

2013 Ground Cherries

Ground Cherries harvested in 2013